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FIM, being on the market since more than seventy years, has gained an outstanding technical know-how in the field of large cast iron castings (up to 25 tons). The company, extending upon 40,000 sq. meters (50% building ground), owns 8,300 sq. meters of industrial sheds and 1,100 sq. meters of already built offices.
The production includes annealed cast iron for machine tools, heat-resistant cast iron, wear and tear-resistant cast iron, corrosion-proof cast iron, Cr, Ni, Mo, Cu, P, V alloyed grey iron as well as ductile cast iron.
The overall yearly production reaches about 12,000 tons. The manufacturing system is based on a constantly upgraded equipment: two cold-wind cupola furnaces with oxygen enrichment (Ø 1,200) and fusing capacity of 12 tons per hour; hand moulding plants with sand-resin and logistic distribution sand-resin mixture; a shakeout plant for medium and large size castings; a hook sandblasting machine for castings up to 5 m and 20 tons; eleven overhead cranes.
FIM has recently installed an AFT filtering tissue scrubber for fumes dust collection.
Monitoring systems (computerised micrographic exams) are carried out by a chemical laboratory with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s A.R.L. 3560 spectrometer.
In order to integrate the production system and the “customer service” the company Fimech in Roreto di Cherasco (CN) is now available for precision mechanical processing and die copying.



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